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Art comes in many different forms, one of which I have always been fascinated about is fashion.   That particular passion lead me to become a tailor when I was 14 years old, learned to make  my own clothes and dressed other people.  Growing up in Viet Nam, especially in the old days was tough.  My mom had to trade her wedding diamond earrings from dad for my sewing lessons.   That was the only valuable piece left in the family back then.  Mom had to go through an ordeal trying to get my dad and especially, my grandmother’s approval.  It is our culture and believes that in any circumstance you should keep wedding jewelry for life, for eternal love.  That sacrifice has always been engraved in my heart ever since.
After a few years, our family came to the United States, and settled in Atlanta, Georgia.  A new chapter had begun.  I was uncertain and scared in the brand new environment; the language barrier was the scariest thing.   I was occupied with my daily life and set my passion aside, worked various jobs to support my parents, along with my two brothers.
Years had gone by, I have always carried that first love of fashion.  It had faded over time but ever lingered through my hustle bustle in  life.  My passion really relived when I moved to Los Angles a few years back.  The city itself always been an inspiration, especially its street styles.  I’ve been surrounded by such creations.  After…only four years in planning/making, this personal style blog  has been born.  Even though time not allowing me to sew, I’m borrowing this digital media outlet to express that love, to show case others’ arts and creation, which I did not have the condition to execute years before.   It’s my smallest humble contribution to the fashion world out there, to be inspired and pass on the inspiration.
Thanks so much again for reading and be with me on this magical ride.
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