After the Rain

Happy Monday,

Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween and a wonderful Thanksgiving with your love ones, consider I’d been away for that long due to another unfortunate event hit once again so close to home.  Just like rain, doesn’t matter how hard and however long it pours, it will eventually stop and comes a clear sky and fresh air, as those events in life, we just have to thrive our best and wait it out, it will all pass.

As my life slowly back to the normal routine, so is my regards for the fashion sphere, nevertheless.  This year, with all the come back fun print, plaid, and full of texture, and this coat is all about texture!  It’s a fantastic piece for layering.  I’m a believer when it comes to form fitting pieces, but the harsh winter here changes me, to be more appreciative of bulky coats, so many other layers can fit in, as I did here with this faux fur vest under.

Time flies as we entered December, but I hope you enjoy the festive season, slow down and take deep breaths, don’t forget to take time and smell …the hot chocolate!


BOOTS (similar) |  LIP PENCIL (Morning Coffee)|  LIPSTICK (Men Love Mystery)

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