Stylish Lounge Wear To The Street

Hello and welcome back!

How are you holding up for this past week since we last talked? We are settling fine over here by keeping ourselves busy, create more;  practicing  and having fun with Tiktok, making Youtube videos, and learning new recipes… Hope you’ve been up to something fun. 

Besides those fun activities, I’ve been guilty of browsing around all the sales and found some good deals from my trusted store, Nordstrom.  It was just a really light load of shopping.   As usual, I only went for the pieces that I can wear over and over again, ones that worth the investment, like this long cardigan and these high waist dark grey denim from Madewell.  

Since we’re sheltering in place, the cardigan can also be worn for lounging at home.  It was  love at first sight!  The material and and zebra prints upgrade this piece to way above average compared to others.  The color combination also makes it a breeze to style.  With the sale price tag, I’m definitely recommending to all my ladies out there. 

Moving on to my current most favorite brand of denim, Madewell.  These jeans are high waist and really comfortable, they tuck you in the right places and provide comfort at the same time for the right amount of stretch.  I’m really loving the dark grey wash lately.  It’s just brainless to go with any color, much more versatile compared to the traditional blue in my opinion. 

It might have sounded like this is a sponsored post, but I can promise you it’s really not.  I’m just all about helping us girls find great pieces with good deals, and that’s what I’m here for!  Remember the cardigan and jeans are on major sale right now, so don’t wait! With that being said, we gotta find any little things that take our mind off of this chaos, from self care, cleaning, organizing, and creating…I really hope you can find your joy.

Until next time, please be safe and happy, 

With love,





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