High Waist Cheetah Print Jeans & Crop Tee

Hello and how was your week?

Not so much change for mine, cleaning, cooking, and house hunting… Those pretty fill up my around o’clock schedule!  Speaking of house hunting, I have never mentioned here before, one of my other hat is a real estate agent.  Needless to say, the industry is also greatly affected by the pandemic.  I miss all the open houses and the socializing, but I’m grateful we are still allowed to go in and view the homes, with some restrictions of course.  Our plan to stay in the Northwest was only temporary, so we have been renting for a while.  After that “temporary” timeline prolongs for…5 years, I’m determined to find us a permanent place.  Not just that, my closet is literally in every corner of the apartment! 

With my closet being ever expanding and limited space, I take in the pieces I add a great consideration.  Mostly, only classic pieces are coming home with me, and one of which I recently added was this crop T from Topshop.  Much reasonable price and great item just in time for summer, apart from being dark color, it’s such a breezy one to style!  Combine it with a high rise bottom like these jeans, which will give you the illusion of being much taller, and whoever would not want that?!

Stylish Lounge Wear To The Street

Hello and welcome back!

How are you holding up for this past week since we last talked? We are settling fine over here by keeping ourselves busy, create more;  practicing  and having fun with Tiktok, making Youtube videos, and learning new recipes… Hope you’ve been up to something fun. 

Transition Layer

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