Formal Casual With My Louis Vuitton Vanity PM


As much as we try to “live” a normal life despite the current situation, it more or less kills the mood for our leisure and hobbies.  Last week was the first time that we were back to do a photoshoot after putting off our gears for the longest time.  If it was not for the much needed business profile picture , we would not had done it.

Spring weather here in the Northwest is also in a tricky stage.  For most days, the sun is so bright and the sky is so warm with vivid blue color.  Then there are days that the cold just sneak up on you for an unpleasant surprise, unpleasant for me at least, and my fashion choice for that kind of Spring days is none other than the combo of formal and casual, shorts and blazer. 

I hope we are not in this fight and be in social distancing much longer.  I know it’s the “indefinite” part that’s hard for most of us,  but please hang in there and know that you’re not alone.  As always, thanks so much for stopping by and wishing you much health for the days ahead.

With love,





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