New York City – A Flashback

Hello and hope you’ve been well,

Relive the beautiful Fall moments of NY city in Spring time and appreciate those moments is the best we can do, for now, life during the pandemic.

Realizing it has been two years since I last wrote my blog post.  Life just took an unexpected painful turn and all my priorities have had shifted.  It’s been a rather painful subject and I’m not yet ready to relive those  heartache moments on here, especially, since we’re dealing another unfortunate current event, at a much larger scale, the Covid-19.  2020 is not up to a great start for most of us! 

If there’s the time we learn that life is much more fragile, THIS IS the time.  If there’s the time we must not take things for granted, THIS IS the time! 

Hustling is part of life, no doubt! We never have enough time in the day to do what we want, to read the book that you bought a while back, to plant that flower so it can bloom in time for Spring, to call a relative that you have not spoken to in a while, to clean that clutter that makes you go crazy every time looking at it….

It is unfortunate that we have stop our daily routine due to the pandemic…but it is what it is, nothing can be reversed but to do our part to at least prevent the worst outcome. It is a reminder for all of us to live slower, to love deeper, to enjoy the sunshine, to smell the flowers, to…appreciate… each…. deep breath…. we are able to take…and most importantly, to pray for the ones fighting for that every breath.
It’s time to stop being ordinary and be extraordinary! 

#stayhome #protectothers #care

As always, thanks so much for stopping by and please be safe and healthy! 



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