Dash of Sunshine

Hope you having great weekend so far!


When it comes to clothes and accessories, I’m a big believer in feeling the pieces before buying.  It’s not easy for me when ordering online, 70% of times I have to send it back.  Even though that’s better than expected, but it’s still a hassle process to go through.  With that being said, lots of times, my clothes are from H&M, Macy’s, Zara, and Anthropologies…all of which are local, within walking distance from home. Therefore, sincere apologies to my readers if you’re bored with the brands I feature.

For variety, in price and material, H&M never fails to surprise me.  As the featured outfit, I love to mix the these two colors, reminds me of sunshine, bright, optimistic…I love outfits that bring positive thoughts.  This is perfect outfit for fun occasions or even for work when combine with a blazer.






Thanks so much for reading and wish you all a great week ahead!

~Outfit Details~

Top: H&M (yellow available in store) | Bottom: H&M (green available in store) | Sunglasses: Alexander McQueen | Clutch: Chanel | Watch: Rolex (similar) | Brooch: Chanel (similar) | Shoes: Urban Outfitter (insane alternative

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