Fuzzy Sweater & Chanel Brooch Pin

Happy Monday!


I have own quite a few sweaters, but this one is by far the most comfortable, softest to the touch I have ever had.  Yet, this is by far my greatest find from H&M, by this I meant the greatest bargain, consider I paid less than $15 for the sweater and the skirt.  It’s the thing about fashion.  A lot of times, it’s not about the brand or how much more money spent.  It’s the fit.  All come down to how it looks on you.  Being able to mix and match is the key.

I tend to splurge more on accessories.  They are the absolute keys to upgrade any outfit and can be used over and over again in so many different ways.  In this case, my Chanel brooch pin is that key piece.  This time instead of wearing it the conventional way on the top, I let it pretend to be a belt buckle.  This way creates the surprise element, and it seems more balance to the whole look.









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H&M top (similar HERE or in different color HERE) // H&M bottom (similar HERE & also loving THIS STYLE) // H&M Tights // Chanel Crescent CC Brooch Pin // Zara Clutch (similar HERE) // Brian Atwood ‘Naina Textured Suede Point-Toe Pump

Lip Color: NYX ‘Deep Purple’ lip pencil 

               Tarte ‘Playful’ lipstick

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